Analisa Leaming

Analisa lives in the 'burbs with her yoga-teaching husband, Joseph, and their goofy Boston Terrier, Junebug. 

When not onstage, in an acting class, or rehearsing for an upcoming concert Analisa is probably working on her business A Balancing Act. She’s creating content for online classes and making meditations for artists. Check out this one to prepare you for auditions. 

Analisa is passionate about guiding others in getting out of their own way so that they can shine their light, share their gifts, and live an EXTRAORDINARY life. 

Latest News

A Balancing Act

Analisa is the creator and host of A Balancing Act, a podcast for anyone in the arts desiring more.

The focus is on sharing conscious, uplifting, inspiring conversation about navigating the ups and downs of this beautiful, crazy business.

Season One is available on iTunes here, and Season Two is coming out soon. 

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AUDITION Meditation

Allow Analisa to guide you in this free 10-minute meditation out of your head and into your creative power so that you can show up in the audition room and shine your light

Behind The Scenes

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